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Insurance for riding, racing and travelling with bicycles. Specialists in cycling insurance

As cycling enthusiasts, Velosure offer standalone insurance for both bicycles and riders designed specifically for the cycling world. If you love riding, we can help ensure it is always a part of your life.

Whether you’re racing, training, commuting or travelling overseas to ride we provide the cover that allows you to turn the pedals with peace of mind.

We live and breathe riding. You can get a quote or take out a policy right here on this web site. Or give us a call. We’re always happy to talk about riding.

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Why bicycle insurance? You may think your bike is covered by your contents insurance. Think again.

Contents insurance covers only some of the events that may happen to your bicycle. Velosure bicycle insurance is geared specifically to cyclists and will cover your bike for the types of things you care about. 

If you have home contents insurance and you have listed your bicycle on the policy, be aware that you and your bicycle are probably not covered while you are riding, training or racing. In the fine print you’ll often find low limits and no cover whilst the bike is in use. That’s where bicycle insurance comes in.

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Do I also need Cyclist Liability Cover?

As a cyclist, being involved in an accident on public roads may mean having to bear the cost of damage you cause to someone else’s property (a scratch or dent in the side of an expensive Porsche) or even medical and legal costs if you were to injure somebody.  This can turn something healthy and positive like cycling into an expensive financial nightmare…not just for you, but for all those affected. 

We at Velosure believe that the time has arrived for cyclists to ensure that they are financially protected against these possible outcomes.  By taking out insurance cover for these risks, cyclists are now able to send a message to the broader community that they are doing the right and responsible thing by protecting themselves and possible victims against the financial consequences of cycling accidents.  

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